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We work with more than 100 high schools and have helped 10,000+ students be confident in their admissions essays.

Prompt is the leading provider of college essay feedback.

Our Methodology

  • Prompt provides instructional, actionable feedback to help students improve their content, structure, clarity, and grammar.
  • Our Writing Coaches spend 45-50 minutes reviewing a typical first draft.
  • Students receive their feedback within 48 hours.
  • We accept less than 2% of Writing Coach applicants.

Two ways high schools partner with Prompt

As an extension of your team

  • Your school purchases essay review credits, and counselors allocate credits to students.
  • The average review costs $50 or less.
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As a trusted resource

  • You recommend Prompt to your students and families, and they receive a discount.
  • The typical student pays $50 per review (a 33% discount).
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Writing Coaches

We've scoured the world to find the best writing professionals to help you improve your college essays.

We accept less than 2% of applicants and have a collection of creative storytellers, professional writers, and educators who help students write more compelling essays.

Miranda K.
Nicole A.
Reina H.
Reina H.
I'm a playwright, editor, and writing teacher with a focus on arts education. I got my MFA at UT Austin as a Michener Fellow, a program for young writers that accepts less than one percent of applicants.
Bex E.
Bex E.
Since 2016, I have worked as a high school English tutor, theatre educator, and freelance journalist. I graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University's theatre and creative writing programs.
Gabe H.

Why Prompt?

The Quality Families Demand
Prompt supports more students on more admissions essays than anyone. We carefully vet each Writing Coach, connecting families with gifted storytellers and instructors they normally wouldn't be able to access.
Objective Expertise
Our Writing Coaches will each review over 300 college essays this season. They're experienced—and offer an objective point of view to help students write compelling essays.
Actionable Instruction
Writing Coaches are thorough and action-oriented. We spend 45-50 minutes per draft creating a blueprint to guide students through improving their content, structure, clarity, and grammar.
You determine when and how to use our team for support and can be as involved in the essay process as you want.