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Partner with Prompt to offer college admissions essay review. You sell a review package, and we take care of the rest

We've worked with thousands of students to help them get into every top-50 university and earn millions in scholarship money

Why are college admissions essays important?

Essays are the differentiator to acceptance - most students applying to a given school have similar GPAs and Test Scores
Essays play a critical role in students getting scholarships
Most students struggle with college essays. It's completely different than anything a student writes in school and most students don't know what to write about

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Here's how it works:

  • Add your students and parents and invite them to the platform
  • Students and parents can can share essays directly with Prompt for review
  • Monitor your families' progress as desired
  • Simple billing. Either:
    • Select a package and collect payment (we'll bill you once per month for new packages added), OR
    • Allow parents to purchase from Prompt at your discounted rates

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Prompt feedback is comprehensive, actionable, and educational. Our Essay Specialists use a friendly tone to help students develop a compelling story in their own voice

Feedback includes overall comments to address content and structural issues and in-text comments and suggestions to help students improve readability, flow, and grammar

The average first draft receives over 750 words of feedback to help students improve their content and structure

Prompt's network of Essay Specialists is quality controlled. Our most experienced people train and review the work of newer specialists to ensure the highest quality

Meet our Essay Specialists

Prompt is highly selective. Fewer than 20% of applicants become Essay Specialists.

Essay Specialists typically come from top-50 institutions and have some background in either education or writing. We even have professional writers, authors, and playwrights!


I'm a playwright, editor, and writing teacher with a focus on arts education. I currently teach at Interlochen Arts Camp while traveling around the country for productions of my plays. I went to Columbia University as an undergrad, and I got my MFA at UT Austin as a Michener Fellow, a program for young writers that accepts less than one percent of applicants and provides over $100,000 of funding. I love helping students communicate what's most important about their lives!



I'm currently a freelance writer and editor based in New York. My work has appeared in Chicago magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Bustle, Screen Rant, and Alternative Press, among others. I attended the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and have over four years of experience under my belt, including writing, editing, researching, and fact-checking.