A world leader in writing education

We support over 50,000 learners with curriculum, instruction, and feedback.

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We go beyond grammar. We focus on writing as critical thinking.

Our mission: make people better writers

Prompt is a fully-integrated writing education solution, combining curriculum, instruction, feedback, and assessments.

We create evidence-based writing curriculum and deliver it in multiple instructional settings: in-classroom, self-guided online courses, Prompt instructor-led courses, and one-to-one coaching.

We support learners across K-12, higher education, and the workforce. We work across the writing skill spectrum: English learners globally, struggling writers, and advanced writers.

Our platform is a learning management system we specifically designed to deliver writing instruction and practice.

Our writing instructors virtually deliver small group and one-to-one instruction that augments in-classroom instruction or provides separate instruction through courses and coaching.